Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Welcome to Kindergarten!

August 12th - 14th   Meet The Teacher 
I am excited to meet you this week. Please sign-up if you haven't already. Here is the link:


Please bring your supplies to drop off and a letter about your child if you would like. (You could also email that) Thanks!

Aug. 17th-20th: Orientation Days
Each student will come one full day this week to get orientated to the schedule, rules, do some assessments and meet some class friends.

Cohort A: Sign up on Monday or Wednesday
Cohort B: Sign up on Tuesdat or Thursday

Sign-up came to you through school email.

First Day Reminders:
* Drop off outside my classroom door outside between 8:20 and 8:30.

* Be sure to send your child with a backpack, snacks, lunch (or money in School Bucks to buy a lunch) and a full water bottle on the first day.

*Please say goodbye to your child at the door. I know this is hard, but not only are parents not allowed in the building, it also sends a good message to your child letting them know you are confident that they are in a good place. I promise we will take good care of them. :) 

* Pick up is at 3:20-3:30 outside my door. Those that don't pick up then I will walk out to the car-loop where they will wait with the rest of the school. If a sibling is coming to pick them up they may leave their classes at 3:20 to go meet them at my outside door. If you are in the car loop...Please do not get out of the car when using this lane and keep pulling up to the front. If your child is riding the bus an adult will pick them up from the classroom to walk them there. If you are going to BASE an adult will pick your child up in the classroom.

August 24th - August 28th – First Full Week of Hybrid
Everyone will come to school on their assigned days and work at home on other days. More details to come as we get closer.