Friday, July 23, 2021

Welcome to Kindergarten

I hope you are having a great summer! I am both sad summer is ending soon(ish) and excited to get ready for school to start. It is great to get in contact with some of you again and introduce myself to others. Below is the information I sent to you and a few to do items.

Important info and things to do...

1. Letter:

I would love the chance to get to know your child even more before the school year starts.  Please email me a short letter letting me know about your child.  This can include interests, favorites, hobbies, any worries, information about them both socially and academically, and how they will get home at the end of the day (Parents walk up to the dismissal door, bus, car loop, BASE, etc.).  Please also attach a favorite recent picture (or quick snapshot) of your child with your email. It will help me remember which names go with which faces! Please email your letter and picture ASAP (but definitely by August 3rd). It doesn't need to be a fancy photo, just something that looks like them. I like to greet them knowing their name if possible. 

2. Snacks, Lunch, and More:

Please be sure to read through the attached Welcome Packet for all of the info needed on lunch, snacks, procedures, etc.  We do have allergies in the classroom, one known (dairy) and another unknown at this point. We do not allow kids to share snacks, which can be a confusing message for kids who were taught to share. Please tell your kids that they may not share their snacks or lunches. Thank you for your understanding! 

3. Balanced Beginnings, Picture Day, and the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL:

Kindergarten students have a transitional start to the school year referred to by the District as Balanced Beginnings. Kindergarten students will meet with a small group of students on August 8th, 9th or 10th for two hours. Parents will drop their child off at their classroom's exterior door.

Students will get to know classmates and partake in engaging activities. Classroom teachers will begin to build community and learn individual children's social, emotional and academic strengths and needs.  Students will take their picture with their parents between 11:00 AM-12:45 PM on their identified day.

Kindergarten students’ first full day of school is Friday, August 11th. A staff member will meet students at their classroom's exterior door between 8:20-8:30 AM. Kindergarten parents are invited to a Tears and Cheers Breakfast in our cafeteria at 8:40AM on August 11th.

Marchese Balanced Beginnings Sign-up Link

4. Back to School Night:
Classroom teachers will provide parents with an overview of the school year on Wednesday, August 23rd, during the following two Back to School Night sessions: 4:30-5:00 PM or 5:10-5:40 PM. The principal will share school celebrations, upcoming goals and important community information in the gym from 4:15-4:30 PM. We hope you will join us for these informative sessions.

5. Arrival and Dismissal:
Gold Rush has had tremendous success with our rolling start! If you are returning to Gold Rush, you are aware that all students enter our classroom exterior door between 8:20-8:30 AM. Our classroom will be dismissed at the exterior door at 3:20. Those not picked up before 3:30 by you or a sibling will come to the car loop fence with me.

6. Supply List:
Here is the link to our school supplies.  Please send all supplies with your student when they come to Balanced Beginnings. Thank you! If you purchased a supplies kit through the school, it will be delivered directly to our classroom, but you can drop off the headphones at that time. 

7. Classroom Website:
The link to our classroom website is in my email signature below so you can always access it. I will send a weekly email on Sunday nights to keep you informed, but the blog has many links you can use to access information. I will also put some things in there for you. You can check it out now if you'd like.

8. Communication:
If there are any other email addresses you would like me to add to our class contact list, ones that you didn't put in the school registration please let me know. Those email addresses will receive my weekly update emails.