Monday, November 6, 2017

November Update

November Update

We are enjoying getting to know our SeeSaw app and using it to create a digital portfolio.  We are not perfect at it yet... but hopefully you've enjoyed our attempts to record video, upload photos, and share what they have learned in various ways. Slowly, we are getting better. I have shared most of our attempts with you so you can watch them grow as the year progresses.  

Here are a few of the things we have worked on so far:

Counting and using a ten-frame

Taking a photo of our writing and then practice reading what we wrote. 

Counting, writing numbers, and singing!

Parents can join us on November 15th* from 10:55-1:25 and we will share our journal with you, our favorite learning apps, and teach you how we use technology to learn and share our thinking. 

Kindergarten was lucky to have a visit from a local firefighter. 
Fireman Nick taught them the basics of fire safety:
Tools vs.Toys 
...for example, a knife, lighter, matches, etc. are tools not toys!
Stop, Drop, and Roll
...then stay low where there is less smoke and army crawl to safety.
Make a Plan to your parents about where you would meet in an emergency.
Firefighters are Friends
...a firefighter may look and sound scary in their uniform, but don't be afraid. Don't hide from them--let them find and help you!

During reading workshop we have been learning about how to use schema (background knowledge) to increase comprehension. We began this unit by having students brainstorm things they know a lot about. We talked about things they know how to do, places they have been, books they have read, and movies they have seen.  All of these things are part of their schema and helps them make connections with text and the world around them.  I encourage you to use some of these phrases at home while reading to and with your child.

This reminds me of…
That has happened to me so I know…  

I used to think… but now I know…
I learned…

During writing workshop we have been practicing writing narrative stories using their alphabet chart to write the sounds they hear. They are getting better each day with practice.  

During Math we have been exploring counting in various ways. They are counting by 1s, 10s,  and 5s and learning about REALLY big numbers. They can't get enough of BIG numbers. Here is their favorite video. They count to 100 trillion! :)

Students are also learning how to represent numbers using a ten frame. Students practice picking a number, filling in the ten frame and then changing it to represent another number.  Using ten frames is a way to help students create a visual memory for numbers, and begin adding and subtracting numbers.  

 We are also experimenting with using tally marks to represent numbers. They loved interviewing classmates to collect data. They are building number sense while learning that numbers can be represented in many different ways.